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Drawing of Folly Hill Lucy
by artist, Cole Johnson,
copyrighted 1997.


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We wanted you to know that Dixie is much loved and thriving.  She has been on vacation in Vermont and hiked a mountain in the snow!  I have attached a photo of her back home on LI with her BFF Donald who is 15. Thank you again for sharing her with us.  She is known in the neighborhood as  "The Dog Who Makes Everyone Happy."

Robin Ahrens



Cole (7 mos.)
"Tater" the Border Terrier.


Max Turns Two Today!
The Glamour Shot at Last

Dear Robin - Max has become a wonderful dog, everything you promised us he would be.  After wondering for more than a year how you could be so sure of that, we now know it is true, and would be pleased to be included as one of  your Happy Families on the Happy Homes page of the Folly Hill Kennel Website. Max takes after his mother, more so than Quid, and we call him Miss Bitsy's Boy because he's so loving and sweet. He's a real kisser, unlike Zack our old yellow lab whom we had to beg for a kiss. Max is also extremely athletic and runs with me now, up to 6 miles. He amazes all our neighbors and friends with his Olympic-style high jump. He crouches to the ground and springs at least three feet in the air. We bought him a frisbee for Christmas so he could practice those jumps and he loves that.
He's also great at playing ball and has some moves that remind Bob of his days as a former soccer goalie. Max waits for you to kick the tennis ball, moving his feet from side to side and jumping in the air in anticipation. He is also a bit of a hedonist and loves his doggy massages and having his "booda belly" rubbed. It's a bald spot on his stomach that when rubbed while accompanied by the "Booda Belly Song" seems to put him in a trance. He is trim and muscular, weighing in at  70 pounds, and has the most beautiful shiny black coat. Everyone who sees him comments on what a handsome dog he is, and Max wags his tail in agreement. He is definitely "Top Dog" in our neighborhood and the kids around here ring our bell to see if Max can come out and play. We will send you updates on Max from time to time, and if you're ever in our neck of the woods, let us know, so that you can come by and see how your little puppy grew up to be big, black, and beautiful. Oh, and bilingual too. Maximiliano understands Spanish as well as English. And did I mention he's so intelligent that we have to spell around him. We are very grateful to you for selecting him from all the other puppies in the litter to be our boy. He most certainly has made our house a very Happy Home! Happy trails to you and your entire litter,
Rhonda and Bob Buchanan


Riley's first Rally

Hi Robin - We took Riley to his first rally and training at Earthdog, Tunneling, Ratting and racing.  He loved it!!  The judges were very impressed with his instinctive skills.  He quickly found the rats and was able to distinguish the empty tube from the "ratted" ones.  Little hesitation in going into the above ground tunnels.  He went wild over the luring course; and, as you will see from the attached photos, won his first puppy race.  We had a judge take a look at his conformation.  He indicated that at 10 months his conformation looked good. 

Susan Meehan


Evan & Walker Thomas with Penny

Robin - Penny is sitting on my lap as I try to write this message.  No...she is not spoiled. :)  She has been just great.  We are all getting used to having a puppy around the house.  But she is great fun.  She has grown so much in the two weeks she has been here.  The boys love her so much. Thanks again.

Sana Walker



Robin - Here is a picture of our beloved Abby!  We are having the greatest time with her.  She is amazing!  We just adore her!!  She is so great with Emily.  She is the BEST dog!  We just adore her!  She has such great temperament, just a love!  She is really the most wonderful friend and we are so grateful to you for her!!

Drew LeMieux



Robin - Hawk is a wonder and a delight. At 15 weeks he was 45 lbs. Lee works  with him daily with the dummy - he sometimes even pays attention!  We love him dearly - but can't wait for his puppy teeth to fall out. Both of us have numerous "wounds". Hope all is well with you.  I have attached a couple of pictures for your enjoyment. He was a little younger then - but it's hard to keep up with how fast he is growing! Thank you again for the addition to our canine family.

Jenna Wild



Robin - With Ellie, Danielle and I get the absolute best of both worlds. I get a excellent hunting dog, running partner, and companion.  Danielle gets a best friend who gives her unconditional love. Ellie has changed our lives in many ways and we don't know what we would do without her.

Thank you Robin you did a wonderful job of matching our needs with Ellie.

Kevin Minchk



The Sutherland Trio
Austin, Freda & Sadie

We're a "Lab Family".  That's how we are known on our street.  The family with three labs!  And we have adopted three of Robin's labs.  Emma, our first black lab, is the sweetheart of my heart and will always be.  She mothered all of the other puppies and my son, Jamie, who was two when we got Emma!  Austin, our yellow lab, is six now, and she is a regal lady.  Her patience is ever present with little Freda, our second black lab.  Freda is seven months now and chews on Austin's ears constantly.  Austin lets her chew until she has had enough, and then she gently lets her know when she has gone too far.  Freda is our baby now, and she is full of personality.  Emma, Austin, and Freda all share the calm, gentle, loving traits of labs.  Watching their interaction with each other is a wonderful part of the enjoyment we get with our dogs.  They are part of our family.  In our search for a breeder, we are so fortunate to have had Robin recommended to us.  

--Debbie Sutherland Comley




The Humphrey Clan
Jackson, Dixie, Chessie and Sierra

I first met Robin 9 years ago, when I purchased a yellow Labrador, which she had bred.  “Dixie” has been the best thing that ever happened to us.  Through Robin’s training and care, Dixie has been a wonderful hunting dog and a fabulous companion.   Since then we have bred (with Robin’s help and advice) Dixie twice and have raised the most wonderful hunting companions that we could ever want.  Robin has trained all of our hunting dogs and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  We were so lucky to have found someone that is extremely devoted to her profession and to her animals.

--Sally Humphrey




Gabrielle, Kees and Michelina Henskens
 and Jack Cline with Daisy




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