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 Robin Cline
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Drawing of Folly Hill Lucy
by artist, Cole Johnson,
copyrighted 1997.


Folly Hill Kennel -  Training Program

Sessions:  February 1 to May 31 and August 1 to December 15

Robin Cline has been training Labrador Retrievers for hunting dogs and AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trial for over 20 years. Her specialty and area of most interest is in getting dogs ready “to be wonderful hunting companions”. Ideally potential hunting dogs are started between eight months and one year depending on the maturity level and precociousness of the dog. Youngsters are started with a course of obedience training and then move on to force work, collar conditioning, single marks and introduction to birds and guns. Most dogs starting in training stay for an average of 3 months after which time they will be ready to go learn what the real hunting is all about. At this time Robin is not actively campaigning any dogs at Hunt Tests or Field Trials, but she is regularly starting groups of young prospects for the dove field and duck blind. Once a dog has a season or two of hunting under their belt many people find they want to move on to having their dog “handle” or in other words obey hand and whistle signals to help direct dogs to birds they can’t find or haven’t seen fall. Robin also does this training, but the dog must have completed the training outlined above (either here or somewhere else) before this can be undertaken.

 Robin also obedience trains for those that either have specific issues or just want a well-rounded and good mannered member of the family. She has trained dogs of many different breeds for obedience and can do so either in a resident training program or through private lessons.

 Please call the kennel or email us if you wish to discuss your training needs with Robin.

Robin & Pete Cline
with Becky


Suzie & Chris Keller
with Hank & Sierra

Tommy Schriber 
with Annie



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